Are Weight Loss Surgeries Risky?

Weight loss surgeries are considered a last resort after all other weight loss methods such as dieting coupled with physical exercise have failed. They are not just recommended to anyone, your health history has to be examined first, to determine your eligibility. People with a body mass index of 30 and above are eligible candidates. However, those with serious conditions are not eligible. These surgeries are effective and come with just a few but rare risks, most of which are reversible. This article answers the question whether weight loss surgeries are risky.

Possible Complications

Weight loss surgeries do not happen without a few risks, most of which are manageable with proper follow up and some prescriptions.

During the surgery, some few complications may occur. For example, you could experience excessive bleeding, the stomach could become perforated, you may also react unresponsively to anesthesia, go through some breathing problems and sometimes you could experience gastrointestinal system problems. Although very rare, the risk of death is also possible. Research findings indicate that less than 1% of weight loss surgeries patients die during the procedure.

Side Effects of Weight Loss Surgeries

Sometimes you could develop gallstones because the gall bladder may be unable to empty effectively. You could experience diarrhea and vomiting, or even stomach ulcers since hydrochloric acid does not have food to digest. In addition to this, you might go through malnutrition because these surgeries affect digestion and absorption of vital nutrients into the system. The doctor may reverse this problem by prescribing you some multivitamin drugs, which could make you regain weight if not careful. The possibility of death although very rare, is also possible and can only happen if you previously had a serious condition.  In addition, you could also experience hernia, bowel obstruction and low blood sugar, a condition known as hypoglycemia.

Why Do People Go For Weight Loss Surgeries

Weight loss surgeries come with a lot benefits that outweigh the risks. Even so, most of these risks are reversible with the use of doctors prescribed drugs or measures and follow up treatment.

  • Prevention Against Obesity Related Conditions

Obesity is a serious problem all over the country. Reports by the Center for Disease Control, CDC, show that more than 1/3 of American adults suffer from obesity. Apart from reduced mobility, obesity comes with several disadvantages such as low self-esteem, risk of heart diseases, and weight related conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Thanks to these surgeries, obese people are now alleviated from weight related problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes and heart failure.

  • Highly Effective

After all other weight loss options have been exhausted, weight loss surgeries are the last option. Although not recommended to just anyone, they provide very commendable weight loss, when coupled with good dieting and physical exercise. Some involve removal of some parts of the stomach such that you take lesser food than before. You always feel full and the little food that you take is digested very slowly, thus affecting absorption of calories that are responsible for weight gain.

  • Increased Mobility

With obesity comes inability to move around with ease. It also affects your ability to get involved in physical exercises or outdoor games. However, after the surgery, you are advised to work out to enhance weight loss and prevent weigh regain. Through this, you become more flexible and are able to move around with a lot more ease.

  • Enhanced Self Esteem

When you are obese, you tend to dislike yourself and your self-worth decreases in the process. This results to lower self-esteem. Most probably, this is because when you are obese, people tend to talk behind your back, laugh at you while others bully and torment you emotionally. Sometimes this even leads to acute depression and the result is suicide or death.

However, after these surgeries, your self-esteem will rise since you will be in love with yourself and those who used to talk about your weight will no longer do it. With enhanced self-esteem comes more happiness and better relationships with family, friends and workmates.

As long as a professional does the procedure, weight loss surgeries are not risky. Your surgeon first reviews your health history before committing you to the procedure. This is in a bid to avoid complications after the procedure. Although they are quite expensive, they can be lifesaving to some people, especially those who are struggling with severe obesity. If you are not sure whether weight loss surgeries are ideal for you, be sure to talk to a professional for advice on the same.