The patients we serve are very special to us. We love sharing in their success! Every patient has a unique story with incredible goals and dreams that are important to their lives and the loved ones surrounding them. We are privileged to be a part of those dreams and our passion is helping in any way we can to overcome the obstacles that life can put in our way. Our team works with our patients to find the best solutions for their lifestyle and goals whether it be non-surgical or surgical options performed by our team of experts including Dr. Majid for any surgical procedures.

Below are just a few of the hundreds of wonderful patients we have been blessed to work with. We put these here for all to see because we want everyone to know anything is possible and that solutions are available for you if you contact us today!

Check out these patient’s experiences with Dr. Majid and bariatric weight loss surgery.

I had a gastric balloon placed for 8 months to assist with my weight loss, and the results exceeded my expectations. I started out at 271lbs and upon balloon removal, I weighed in at 188lbs!

Overall, I had a great experience throughout this whole process. Recovery from the balloon placement was relatively quick (I felt fine within a week of placement), and I was able to resume back to my normal activities with no issues. There was a brief bout of nausea about 3 weeks into having my balloon placed, but it went away in a few days, and I never experienced it again.

As far as the team at the Weightloss and Wellness Center, everyone was extremely helpful and addressed all questions and concerns I had along the way. I’m so appreciative for their help throughout this whole process. Overall, I am happy with my decision to get the gastric balloon and I would highly recommend it to anyone in need and considering it.

Gastric Balloon Testimonial - WLWC

In less than one year, I lost 65 pounds. No medications. I’m living my best life! Everyone has a different journey and this was by far the best decision I made for myself and my family.

The first picture is May 2021 from my daughter’s prom. That picture haunts me to this very day. I was really unhealthy and sad. I had a gastric sleeve in September 2021. The second picture is from Monday, August 8, 2022, at my daughter’s ROTC graduation from the Navy. I travelled easily, and felt great and I’m proud of this image for several reasons. Of course first and foremost, proud of my daughter who has chosen to serve our country, but secondly how I pulled myself together.

Thank you to Dr. Majid who was the first and only doctor who actually listened to me. After a thoughtful conversation, we decided on my path. Once my path was decided, Dr. Majid and the entire staff walked me through the process. I will forever remain indebted to this amazing group of people who are as invested in my success as I am.

Lynn M
53 years old

For our Spanish speaking patients, here is a testimonial from our Spanish speaking patient.

Dilecki is 28 years old, she started with us at weight loss and wellness center in August 2019. Her start weight was 225 with BMI 37, Dilecki has tired dieting and failed since her visit with us she proceeded with the Sleeve gastrectomy in November 2019 and has lost 60 lbs thus far !! Dilecki is now 165 and her BMI is 28.5 !! we are very proud of this mom of two. Today her self esteem has gotten better, she enjoys attending social events and is happier, she added exercise to her life style and feels good. We are proud to so case her journey with everyone.

Ronald is a 32 year male patient lost 69 lbs and counting, he has been with us since 8/2019 weight was 274 and is now 205.4 since his surgery sleeve gastrectomy his BMI started at 44 and is now 32, he is 4 months into his post op and has been doing very well with his weight loss, Ronald is happier and has made significant changes in his life. We are extremely happy for his success, Ronald has mentioned since his surgery he has been able to control his portion, do well with food and maintain a healthy life style. Ronald was skeptical when he first joined us because our waiting room that day was primarily females but in his own words “ after meeting Dr Majid and discussing with her about my weight loss problem, I felt very comfortable and immediately trusted in her program/ procedure.

I would like to thank you from the core of my heart for the second chance you and your team has given me into a better healthy lifestyle. This weightloss has shown me to apply self discipline when it comes to eating by measuring my food intake to 4oz just to avoid stretching the stomach. When I first met you I felt my body was at it’s weight capacity due to the different health issues I was undergoing. All of that went away once i lost over 50lbs. Again thank you for introducing me to this wonderful journey and may God continue blessing you and your team throughout this weightloss.
October 1st I was at 271lb, 2 weeks later of liquid diet i went down to 256lb. 4 Months post op i am now 187lb. “

Thank you Ronald, we would like to take the time to show case our male patient Ronald and his success. Obesity is not gender related this can happen to anyone so we are proud that Ronald sought our help.

Hi, my name is Ashley and I started seeing Dr. Majid in February of 2019. I had my gastric bypass in August. I started my journey at 225lbs and I am now 4 months post op 63 lbs less at 162lbs.

I couldn’t imagine having a better surgeon, more caring and kind than Dr. Majid. She has helped me every step of the way throughout this journey and will continue to be my doctor forever. I couldn’t image having a better support system behind me. I have more energy for my son and can do more. I feel amazing and it’s been such a wonderful journey so far.

Good afternoon, my name is Laurie Valez and I’m here in Livingston, NJ at Dr. Majid’s office. This past wednesday, I had revision of my bariatric gastric bypass. I had my original gastric bypass surgery in 2007. Over the years I suffered from several complications. Not being able to eat, food getting stuck in my chest, being malnutrition in the hospital several times. Over the summer I was given a phone number by my sister that I decided to call I called Dr. Majid on a thursday morning. Her staff was very compassionate. They answered all my questions. I was scared. I was afraid. Was I picking the right surgeon again? I’ve been through this several times.

I didn’t want to continue going through it, but I knew from that very first phone call that I was in good hands. Dr. Majid was very stern, she stayed on top of me, she made sure that I was doing my food logs. She called me, she made sure that I was going to my doctor’s visits. Successfully, it’s a week later, I had my revision surgery. I feel awesome. I’m looking forward to completing my goal, which is with weight lifting. Gaining the muscle that I’ve been trying to gain over the years. I have one message and one message only. Dr. Majid is the place to be.

Deborah is post operation 1 year was January 22, 2020. Having bariatric surgery has been excellent choice for her, she has lost 90 lbs so far and counting, she is now more active and can walk the stairs. She has been working hard with her goals and eating healthy, the biggest help has been keeping a food log of everything that she puts in her mouth. She carries her binder with her through her journey, so that her food log is keeping her on track. Her food log is showing her if she eating enough, too much or not enough. She brings her food log binder with her every 3 months for her check in. Another key to her losing the weight is exercise. She has had success in her sleeve gastrectomy. Her goal weight is 180 pounds.

I’m a patient of Dr. Majid. I started my weight loss surgery approximately a year ago. Having the surgery was a big plus for me. It becomes not just thinking about losing weight but as a lifestyle. I’m 55 years old/young and I have a 10 year old granddaughter and a grown daughter. I wanted to live a longer life because my parents are still living too. I wanted to be a better me because I’ve been heavy for a long time. Before the surgery I followed all the steps she prepared for me in her packet. But after the surgery you still have to plan for the future and live a healthy life. Yes there are going to be some stumbling blocks and people are going to get in your way and try to sabotage you, but if you follow your guidelines your stomach will let you know when you’ve had enough. Do not eat the foods that are not healthy for your body. If you do, your body will let you know. Follow each step from the day you have the surgery until when you get to your goal of where you want to be. Now I’m at the point where I’m going to be maintaining my weight.

352 lbs pre surgery – 222 lbs today’s weight.

Why surgery? She broke her leg walking off a curb. Her weight made recovery and crutches difficult. High blood pressure and risk of disease prompted her Dr. to discuss bariatric surgery. Dr. Majid was highly recommended by her primary physician.

She feels much better after surgery, every day is like a renewal on life. Dr. Majid cares and is encouraging every step of the way. This patient says to follow up with your goals and continue with your protein, water and vitamin goals. Continue to get bloodwork done, post surgery to make sure things are going well. Is this journey easy? Not at all. Is it worth it? Absolutely.

Carmen found it difficult to lose weight through diet and exercise alone. After her gastric bypass surgery, she finds it easier to keep up with and play with her children.

Thanks to the ongoing support of the Weight Loss and Wellness Center, Leslie is healthier and happier than before. Listen to Leslie talk about her weight loss accomplishments through non-surgical weight management.

Nancy discusses the difference that Dr. Majid’s care and professionalism have made in her journey towards weight loss.

Jim lost 175 lbs after undergoing bariatric surgery in early 2020. He talks about what he has gained from his new, healthier lifestyle.

Anthony lost over 200 lbs after his gastric sleeve surgery. Now, he enjoys his newfound love for life after bariatric surgery.

See one of our patient’s experiences with weight loss surgery and how Dr. Majid helped her to feel comfortable making this decision for herself.

Contemplating a consult and possible treatment with Dr. Majid?

Please watch these pre surgery, 1 week post surgery and 3 months post surgery videos to hear first hand the process experience from the very beginning. Every patient is treated with care, respect and positive encouragement as they begin the journey to regain control of their lives. This testimonial speaks to how our patients feel after their initial consultation and early stages of treatment prior to any surgical procedure.

Bariatric surgery patient recommends Dr Majid´s services to those considering weight loss surgery

This testimonial is in Spanish. For visitors who don’t speak Spanish, She talks about the whole process she has been through. She was experiencing lots of issues because she was overweight. However, after the surgery, she has been able to recover from pretty much most of them and now she is extremely happy with her quality of life.

In the video, the patient says – My name is Ircania Fernandez when I came here, my weight was around 246 pounds and now I weigh around 179, 5 months after the surgery. You could not imagine how this has changed my life, physically and mentally. Before I came here, I was suffering from Polycystic ovary syndrome with pre diabetes, very bad back pain and a couple of more things. Since I very first came to Dr Majid, she and her team worked very hard to give me the most convenient treatment.

After the surgery and the recovery process I could say I´m 100% satisfied with the perfect support given to me by this amazing team. They really know what they are doing and they will give you a clear and professional advice.


From all I´ve learned through out this process I´d like to give you some advice: even when everything looks bad and everyone is telling you the bad side about your diseases and defects, stay positive and focus on those optimistic comments that will help you overcome whatever issue you are facing.

I am officially 4 months post op, and down 63 lbs total. It hasn’t been easy, but to say it’s worth it is an understatement. I finally feel like I’m getting my life back, the life I always wanted and couldn’t seem to maintain. Dr. Majid, Liz, and Victor have been supportive and encouraging throughout. This process isn’t just a magic cure all- it’s a tool.. ask questions, utilize the support that is offered, and remember why you started this journey

– Kelly

I will like to say thank you with my whole heart. I am at 203 from 255 the day of surgery. When we meet online, I was 278. You made me the happiest thus far my way of living and eating has been so much better. You all don’t understand the time and effort you put in me has kept me encouraged tremendously.  I do have my ups and downs but the end result is the final say. Continue to be a blessing to others as you did for me.


I really don’t know what to say except that Dr. Majid saved my life… Because of her I am in a much better place. My diabetes has come down from a 20 ac1 to 6, I have lost about 100 pounds, and I am still losing weight. Surgery is not quick fix for weight loss, of course, but surgery is a start. I will always be Dr.Majid’s patient and I would very much like to continue my journey with her!!!

– Karim Aquil Sabur Sharif,
Weight loss and diabetes patient who underwent a laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy, July 2014

Before I was on 25 kinds of medicines and a lot of insulin. I was taking 35 units three times a day and Levemir 175 units two times a day – That’s 350 units a day. Now, I don’t use insulin anymore and I take Levemir 46 units two times a day – That’s 92 units a day now. I am down to 4 medicines a day now. Plus, I breathe a lot better and walk a lot more. I do thank you, Dr. Majid.

– Stanley Adrolowicz,
Weight loss patient who underwent laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy in 2017 and has lost 81 lbs.

I have had to be on a diet in one form or another my whole life. I have always had a problem with my weight. I have tried everything from diet pills to weight watchers. Finally, I had my FIRST surgery… I chose the Lap Band. It was the wrong choice for me. I couldn’t hold anything down, and what I could eat was very bad for me… That is when I met Dr. Majid. I have been through so much to become healthy and Doctor Majid has seen me through every step. She has saved my life in more than one way. If it wasn’t for her and her team I wouldn’t be here today. I am now healthy and happy… I want to thank Dr. Majid and her team for always being there for me.

– Sherry Ivey,
Weight loss patient who underwent revisional bariatric surgery

By the time I came to Dr. Majid for a consult in February 2016, I was about 210 lbs. Dr. Majid was very realistic… I may still have diabetes but the difference is now, it’s manageable and I can live with it vs. it killing me. When I look back at my journey… I think about the team that surrounds Dr. Majid and the wonderful, attentive care and support I was always provided. They were and are very crucial to the success and health I enjoy. Dr. Majid’s team provides all of us with the tools we need for lifelong success: A support group, a registered dietician and overall, a team who cares about you from the moment you enter those doors.

– Janhvi Purohit,
Patient suffering from uncontrolled type 2 diabetes, who underwent RYGB

There isn’t enough good things to say about Dr.Majid. Let me take you back a few months. I first went to her for a Consultation about getting My lap band for me with great success. She also did my gastric sleeve revision. Just recently. She is a very talented and amazing doctor. She is a fair but tough but honest doctor just like I would hope she would be. She truly cares about each and every patient. If you’re looking for a no nonsense, honest fair , brilliant doctor then you need look no further. I can’t say enough about Dr.Majid except thank you for giving me my life back. Thank you Thank you.

-Margarite Sautter

To whom it may concern:

My name is Jill Dombrowski. I had my first appointment with Dr Majid April 2018 and after a few appointments and required testing my Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy surgery was scheduled for July 5 2018. Now I’m over a year out since surgery and dedicated to this continued journey.

Dr. Majid was highly recommended by my primary doctor. After each visit with both my primary and Dr. Majid they contact one another to discuss my continued success.

Dr. Majid cheers you on along the way. She is always just a phone call away. After following my 12 week pre-op diet Dr. Majid told me she was proud of me and I know she truly meant it.

I wanted to seek help as there were way to many hereditary co-morbidities creeping up on me and I wanted to live a healthy long life without being out of breath. Weight loss surgery is truly the single most selfless act I ever did for myself.

Dr Majid and the Weight Loss and Wellness Center helped to change my life because every single day I thank Dr. Majid and the staff for their guidance and support at truly giving me a new chance at life. I feel younger and have more energy now than I did 10 or 15 years ago.

Every journey begins with a single step, but you’ll NEVER finish if you don’t start. These words still resonate EVERY single day. Every health journey has multi-faceted avenues to achieve success; between monthly visits with my Dietician, following my nutrition plan (including reaching daily protein goals, my water goals, taking daily vitamins and following a low carb lifestyle), weekly meal prepping, exercising, walking and following the guidelines of my trusted surgeon Dr. Majid. Every choice you make, EVERY SINGLE DAY; all these health achieving tools add up in the long run. Is this journey easy? Not at all. Worth it? Absolutely!! Just remember the only impossible journey is the one you never begin.

I’ve realized a large part of success is accountability and the proof is literally in my before and after pictures.

-Jill Dombrowski

To Whom It May Concern,

Dr. Majid is one of the most professional, compassionate and hard working physicians that I have ever met. She gets to know her patients on a personal level and truly goes above and beyond when caring for them.

I am a 60 y/o male who was diabetic and overweight and I trusted Dr. Majid with weight loss surgery. This can be a very complex and risky surgery on someone of my age and with my history. Dr. Majid performed the bariatric sleeve surgery as well as a complicated hiatal hernia repair and multiple lysis of adhesions which took over 5 hours. She made sure that my wife was kept up to date during the procedure so she would not worry. I came through the surgery with flying colors and have lost 50 pounds so far. Dr. Majid has called me and my wife numerous times to check up on me as I was healing from the surgery and to make sure that I was doing OK. I have never had a physician that was not only so skilled at what she does but also as compassionate. She truly cares about her patients and I would recommend her to anyone that is considering having weight loss surgery.

– Anthony Crawn

Dr. Majid is a nice doctor, she makes sure you are completely informed of surgery and are at ease about it. My surgery was a success and I’m happier now.

Brendaliz H.

I had Gastric Sleeve done 2016 but lost most of the weight (80lbs) from just the Loss for Life Program that the center provides aside from just the surgery. Dr. Majid and her office/staff have given me the gift of living a new healthier life style. Accountability and support is the key to weightloss and that’s exactly what they provide. I am forever grateful.

– Tania S.

All of the staff and the Dr was so nice and I like them so much.

– Nisa A.

My experience under the care of Dr. Majid has been a pleasure. Dr. Majid takes extreme measures to make sure that her patients are properly cared for and educated before proceeding with these life changing decisions

– Yarixa C.

I came into the office to meet Dr. Majid not knowing. After her care she has made this journey amazing. She treats her patients with care and fully have them understand the procedures. She is amazing and I thank her for being on this journey with me.

– Melinda S.

I’ve had a great experience from and with everyone involved in my procedure.

– Gary C.

Dr. Majid has excellent patient care, very caring about your health and well being. Explains carefully what is expected of you to do. Gives you everything in writing so you can follow.

– Geraldine J.

Dr Majid and her staff did an amazing job. They guided me through every step of the process and explained any questions I asked.

– Vicki S.

Dr. Majid is a phenomenal doctor! She really changed my life now it’s up too me too keep it up.. I’ll recommend anyone to Dr. Majid.. Thanks to you and the entire team!

– Quadi D.

Dr. Majid is a very compassionate and caring doctor. Dr. Majid saved my mother’s life!

– Wanda

I began my Journey with Doctor Majid and her team Almost 2 years ago. It has been a bumpy but satisfying road. Her Staff is amazing always very pleasant and professional. They care a great deal about all of their patients… My husband is her biggest fan because he knows that when I am under her care I will be cared for know matter what. The bumpy part was the actual procedure itself and the journey I took to get where I am today. However if it wasn’t for Doc Majid and her team I wouldn’t of made it.. I have to say and will say every time that these people saved my life. Thank you just isn’t enough but it is all I have. So thank you to all of you!

– Sherry I.

Very good doctor, I’m very happy to have her as my doctor. She is very professional, reliable, and very helpful. I recommend Dr. Majid to anyone. She cares about her patients anVery good doctor, I’m very happy to have her as my doctor. She is very professional, reliable, and very helpful. I recommend Dr. Majid to anyone. She cares about her patients and teamwork is excellent.d teamwork is excellent.

– Yolanda Cosme

The Dr takes time to explain and answer and is very supportive of any and all questions. Thank to my Dr. I have my goal of a better and healthy life. Thank You Dr.

– Michelle D Gonzalez

Life Changing – I never watched what I ate or even cared enough about my weight before. While being in the care of Dr. Majid I am on a road to accountability and wellness.

– Jennifer Quinones

Dr.Majid- very good, and staff, helpful in reaching my goals. Dr Majid is very helpful concerning my health and how I am feeling. I would recommend her to my friends and family.

– Dottri Rahman

Excellent Doctor. Dr. Majid wants the best for you. After Following her instructions and care I have lost 128 pounds in a year. Feel great. Thanks Dr. Majid.

– Yeison Pimentel

I would like to thank Dr. Majid and her staff for my successful procedure and my current results. I feel amazing and very grateful for all of their wonderful help and support.

– Tamera Williams

The Doctor is such a nice person. She really cares about how her patients feel. She helped me start my life through weight loss surgery.

– Rasheeda Walg

Dr Majid has been amazing before and after surgery. I can tell with her its not just about my money, she truly cares and has a passion for her patients to do their best during this process. Her staff is very nice too.

– Salena West

5 star care – My experience under the care of Dr. Majid has been a great experience.

– Elizabeth King

Thanks!!! – You are fully responsible of my success. Many, many thanks! <3<3<3

– Hago Daniel Dolana

Best Decision “New Life” – It took me over 3 years to start the process. Dr. Majid and her staff made it very comfortable and easy to say yes. She cares for your health before anything, that’s how I knew I was in the right hands. Forever thankful for this new life opportunity.

– Jose G Perez

Dr. Majid is my super woman – She did my surgery while nine months pregnant. And am amazing job she did. I can not thank her enough, she changed my life. I am healthier! I feel incredible. I recommend her to everyone who ask me about my surgery. She’s remarkable.

– Jameelah Hayes

Dr. Majid is very knowledgeable and is very thorough. The has encouraged me to stay on track and answers all of my questions along with providing good advice and tips. I will definitely recommend her to anyone interested in weightless surgery.

– Shana Lindsay

VSG Review I want to say that my experience with Dr. Majid has been amazing from the first visit to post op follow-up. She’s very patient and detailed, you will feel like her only patient. I’m glad I chose her to go through this journey with.

– Jennifer Falcon

Best Experience I’ve had. She is very professional – my procedure has been a success.

– Yreania Fernandez

She the best, I love my results – Surgery is a success.

– Marie Ann Jackson

I have had an unbelievable experience with Dr. Majid and her staff. They have always answered all my questions. She is kind and caring to your needs of losing weight, feeling great!

– Elizabeth Holder

Dr. Majid has helped me achieve a new lease on life. I wake up every day refreshed an ready to start the day. VSG has saved me!

– Jill Dombrowski


Dr. Majid and her staff did an amazing job. They guided me through every step of the process and explaining any questions I asked.

– Vicki Schmitt

For me Dr. Majid, is an excellent professional and a very good doctor, I give her 5 stars. And I thank her for changing my life.

– Jacqueline

I feel very satisfied with Dr. Majid for the excellent work she has done with me. Thank you.

– Emerita Perero

Attention, Efficiency, and Knowledge.

– Katherine Relvas