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Check out these patient’s experiences with Dr. Majid and bariatric weight loss surgery.

The patients we serve are very special to us. We love sharing in their success! Every patient has a unique story with incredible goals and dreams that are important to their lives and the loved ones surrounding them. We are privileged to be a part of those dreams and our passion is helping in any way we can to overcome the obstacles that life can put in our way. Our team works with our patients to find the best solutions for their lifestyle and goals whether it be non-surgical or surgical options performed by our team of experts including Dr. Majid for any surgical procedures.

Below are just a few of the hundreds of wonderful patients we have been blessed to work with. We put these here for all to see because we want everyone to know anything is possible and that solutions are available for you if you contact us today!

I had a gastric balloon placed for 8 months to assist with my weight loss, and the results exceeded my expectations. I started out at 271lbs and upon balloon removal, I weighed in at 188lbs!

Overall, I had a great experience throughout this whole process. Recovery from the balloon placement was relatively quick (I felt fine within a week of placement), and I was able to resume back to my normal activities with no issues. There was a brief bout of nausea about 3 weeks into having my balloon placed, but it went away in a few days, and I never experienced it again.

As far as the team at the Weightloss and Wellness Center, everyone was extremely helpful and addressed all questions and concerns I had along the way. I’m so appreciative for their help throughout this whole process. Overall, I am happy with my decision to get the gastric balloon and I would highly recommend it to anyone in need and considering it.

For our Spanish speaking patients, here is a testimonial from our Spanish speaking patient.

Dilecki is 28 years old, she started with us at weight loss and wellness center in August 2019. Her start weight was 225 with BMI 37, Dilecki has tired dieting and failed since her visit with us she proceeded with the Sleeve gastrectomy in November 2019 and has lost 60 lbs thus far !! Dilecki is now 165 and her BMI is 28.5 !! we are very proud of this mom of two. Today her self esteem has gotten better, she enjoys attending social events and is happier, she added exercise to her life style and feels good. We are proud to so case her journey with everyone.