Adolescent Bariatric Surgery

Weight loss can be a struggle that begins early in life. Many who are able to lose weight with diet and exercise may put the weight back on, leading to a lifelong battle with their health. With new advances in medicine, bariatric surgery for teenagers can help young people successfully lose weight and keep it off. It can also prevent severe obesity, which, when accompanied by diabetes and heart disease, can be a life-threatening combination.

Helping Teenagers Lead Healthy Lives

The Weight Loss and Wellness Center is proud to provide teenagers with weight loss programs and solutions that will make them happier and healthier. From bariatric surgery to nutritional counselling and support groups, we are committed to helping young people make informed decisions about their health. With the support of Dr. Majid and her team, teenagers will be able to lose weight in a way that is healthy and safe for them. 

If you or your teenager are interested in bariatric surgery or our teenage weight loss programs in New Jersey, request a consultation with us today to begin a journey toward health and happiness.

Click here to learn more about our surgical solutions, and see the non-surgical options that we offer here. Read more about weight loss surgery for teenagers in the New York Times here.