Have a Healthy Christmas: How to Not Put on Weight During the Holidays

If you’re actively losing weight, or trying to maintain recent weight loss, you might be already dreading the holidays. All of the family time, reconnecting with old friends, and traditions often go hand-in-hand with unhealthy foods, alcohol, and sugary treats. You deserve to enjoy the holidays to their fullest while also remaining kind to your … Read more

Diabetes: Is it a Metabolic Disease?

Diabetes is a disease that can lead to devastating consequences on your overall wellness. Whether you’ve been dealing with type 1 diabetes since childhood, or have developed type 2 diabetes later in life, it can dramatically affect your health and finances. The health risks are high, especially in 2021: diabetes increases your risk of complications … Read more

Obesity and The Risk of Cancer

According to Medical News Today, 1 in 2 people will develop cancer at some point in their life. While different cancers each have unique outlooks for treatment and recovery, most cancers can be life-threatening. It is important to mitigate risk of cancer, and one of the ways that can be done is through maintaining a … Read more

Dr. Majid’s Statement for the ASMBS Foundation

Dr. Saneia Majid is proud to represent the American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS) as the President of the New Jersey chapter and a member of the Foundation. Her role in this organization allows her to advocate for the best possible treatment of weight loss patients throughout the United States. Read her personal … Read more

Does Weight Loss Medication Work?

For many of us, losing weight is never easy. Many who struggle on their journey consider using weight loss medication to help them start living that healthier lifestyle that they desire. If this sounds like you, you might have many questions. How does weight loss medication work? Do I need to get a prescribed medication … Read more