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About Jill

After Jill broke her leg, recovery and crutches were challenging to navigate because of her weight. She was at risk for high cholesterol and diabetes, so she wanted to seek help as many hereditary co-morbidities were a concern, and she wanted to live a healthy long life. Her primary doctor highly recommended Dr. Majid. Jill is a long-time patient as she began her journey in 2018. 

She started at 352 pounds and, since her Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy surgery, has lost nearly 142 pounds, bringing her down to 222, and we are so proud of her success. Since surgery, Jill has been working hard between monthly visits with her dietician, following her nutrition plan and the guidelines our trusted Dr. Majid has given her. She feels ten years younger, has more energy, and goes to the gym; every day is a renewal of life.

142 Lb


5 years

Post OP

142 Lb


5 Years


I would like to thank you from the core of my heart for the second chance you and your team has given me into a better healthy lifestyle. This weightloss has shown me to apply self discipline when it comes to eating by measuring my food intake to 4oz just to avoid stretching the stomach. When I first met you I felt my body was at it’s weight capacity due to the different health issues I was undergoing. All of that went away once i lost over 50lbs. Again thank you for introducing me to this wonderful journey and may God continue blessing you and your team throughout this weightloss.
October 1st I was at 271lb, 2 weeks later of liquid diet i went down to 256lb. 4 Months post op i am now 187lb.

– Jill

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