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Weight Loss and Wellness Customer Sonya - Before and After Weight Loss

About Sonya

Sonya began her weight loss journey on January 1, 2023 after reaching her highest weight of 247. 

Losing weight became her focus. It was crucial for her to lose weight because Sonya was borderline diabetic, had high cholesterol, and had developed high blood pressure. She realized that losing weight was no longer for vanity purposes but that she was now fighting for her life! 

Sonya’s choices in food would either now help her or harm her. Sonya’s food choices would now either prolong her life or shorten her life. She had to make a choice.  

Sonya felt her choice was made for her. The last straw for her came while working. She felt working on the third floor and climbing the stairs was becoming a daily obstacle. Her weight was affecting her quality of life. So she decided to choose herself! 

Sonya began researching weight loss doctors and came across Dr. Majid and the Weight Loss and Wellness Center. She read her quote “Weight loss is truly my passion!” and knew that Dr. Majid was the doctor for her. Losing this weight and being healthy had now become Sonya’s passion.

After filling out the consultation form, Sonya received an appointment. Sonya didn’t know what to expect from the clinic, but when she met Dr. Majid, she was happy with her choice, as she found Dr. Majid to be warm and personable, and liked how Dr. Majid didn’t make her feel like just another number. Sonya felt like Dr. Majid saw her…the person underneath the weight, the person that needed her help. 

Sonya and Dr. Majid discussed various weight loss options and found that Dr. Majid was very patient with Sonya throughout this process. 

Dr. Majid sat down and listened to Sonya and she reiterated what Sonya had come to realize, that It was time for Sonya to make a choice. This is when Sonya decided she wanted to choose life, which Dr. Majid helped her regain. 

Dr. Majid was knowledgeable of the most up to date medical weight loss services that Sonya needed because she has been in this profession for so long. Sonya knew that she could trust her knowledge and that Dr. Majid was there to give her the support that she needed. 

Since starting her journey over the past 9 months, Sonya is proud to announce she is at 188 pounds!! Her goal weight is 150 lbs but she is confident that she will get to her goal weight and maintain the weight because of Dr. Majid and her team. 

Victor and Liz taught Sonya how to eat correctly. How did Sonya lose the weight you may ask? It was one day at a time!! Weight loss is not a destination, it is a journey! A journey of eating more protein! More vegetables! More fruit! More water! And moving your body! Did Sonya feel she was perfect? No, remember this is a journey. Sonya realized that she was addicted to sweets. So, when she craves sweets, she now eats fruits! Sonya was honest with the team. They gave her life long hacks to help with her cravings. There is no food that taste as good as being fit feels!!

59 Lbs


9 months








I would like to thank you from the core of my heart for the second chance you and your team has given me into a better healthy lifestyle. This weightloss has shown me to apply self discipline when it comes to eating by measuring my food intake to 4oz just to avoid stretching the stomach. When I first met you I felt my body was at it’s weight capacity due to the different health issues I was undergoing. All of that went away once i lost over 50lbs. Again thank you for introducing me to this wonderful journey and may God continue blessing you and your team throughout this weightloss.
October 1st I was at 271lb, 2 weeks later of liquid diet i went down to 256lb. 4 Months post op i am now 187lb.

– Jill

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