How Does the Gastric Balloon System Work?

Gastric balloon system is a weight loss procedure that is meant to help you lose weight in a very short span often estimated to be around six months. It is reversible and the procedure only takes around 20 minutes. A team of well-qualified and experienced gastroenterologists does the procedure. This article gives more information in regards to the way gastric balloon works.
Gastric balloon involves the insertion of a gastric balloon through the mouth and directly into the stomach. It is non-surgical, very minimally invasive and is usually conducted when the patient is under some mild sedation. Once it is properly put in place, the balloon is filled with a saline solution that aids to fill the stomach to make the patient feel partially full. This procedure, therefore, works by ensuring that you feel less hunger since your stomach can now hold very little food. The system works by making sure that the patient eats tiny portions of food hence being easily satisfied. This is in stark contrast to what they used to experience after consuming a very huge meal.

Can Gastric Balloon Work by Improving Other Obesity-Related Issues?

The procedure guarantees at least 35% to 40% weight loss after the procedure is done. It is also very effective in the reduction of other effects that emanate from diverse or varying obesity-related conditions. This includes hypertension, sleep apnea, stroke, and Type 2 diabetes among others. Besides these improvements, it also works by making sure that you do not necessarily have to take other nutritional supplements.

It is vital to stress that even though the procedure makes sure that you will not consume copious amounts of food, it does not work by limiting your range of food consumption. The doctor or specialist just gives you a good dietary plan that ensures you will consume less starch and sugary foods. This includes other dietary suggestions that are meant to minimize the amount of fats that you eat for the gastric balloon system to be completely effective. This is meant to make you feel less nauseous after ingesting these types of foods.

The procedure works well as it is very less complicated compared to other types of bariatric surgery. The system ensures that the recovery time is relatively short and quite easy. You can, therefore, know that the system will work effectively premised on how quickly your body adjusts and adapts to the balloon.

How Can You Know That Gastric Balloon Is Not Working Effectively?

It is prudent to also pinpoint how to know when the gastric balloon system is not working as expected. This entails a possible chance of balloon deflation and it can be easily identified through the presence of some green or blue color in your urine as the balloon has a blue saline solution.

Does Gastric Balloon Work Effectively and Without Any Risks?

A gastric balloon surgery is not deemed a major surgery but it still entails some risks. They occur because the body often takes some time before it gets accustomed to the balloons. Some side effects of the surgery include abdominal pain, vomiting, and nausea among others.

It is also good to note that gastric balloon system is not a long-term solution. It is a quick fix for what is deemed a long term problem. It only works temporarily and it is removed after the lapse of six months. After the expiration of this specified time and the subsequent removal, you are still expected to continue with your recently acquired habits. This means that you have to work hard and persist with low-calorie foods. You need a caloric deficit, meaning you need to eat small portions just like you had become used to. This is coupled with regular workouts to enhance the effectiveness of the procedure after removal of the balloon.

Based on the foregoing, you can see how the gastric balloon system works among other related pointers. Gastric balloon entails the insertion of a gastric balloon through the mouth and into the stomach. The goal of the procedure is to deter you from consuming a lot of food. With lesser food consumption, you should be on the road to achieving your weight loss goals. However, gastric balloon has to be coupled with better lifestyle choices like consuming healthier foods and exercising on a regular basis. To add on this, the procedure could have its own side effects. You hence have to your doctor to ensure that gastric balloon is the best weight loss surgery for you.

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