Mounjaro Now Rebranded to Zepbound: FDA Approves Eli Lilly’s Diabetes Medication for Obesity.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) officially approved Tirzepatide, a type 2 diabetes drug by Eli Lilly, for chronic weight management. Marketed as Mounjaro for diabetes, it will be named Zepbound for weight loss. It is part of a new class of drugs that includes Ozempic and Wegovy, both popular choices for weight loss in recent years. 

What We Know about Zepbound

  • Zepbound demonstrated over 20% average weight loss in clinical trials over 72 weeks, surpassing the results of other approved medications. The FDA cleared it for people with Obesity or those overweight with related health conditions. 

  • The drug is taken weekly by injection by yourself. Treatment is recommended to be accompanied by reduced calories and increased weight. 

  • Comes with side effects such as nausea, vomiting, constipation, and diarrhea. It also includes warnings for various health issues.

  • Zepbound costs $1,060 per month before insurance, 20% less than a similar drug, Semaglutide. 

  • Medicare and Medicaid are banned from covering obesity medication. Lilly says they would offer a savings card for patients with commercial insurance to access the drug for $25 for 1-3 months. If your plan does not cover Zepbound, the savings card would allow them to pay $550 for one month. 

  • Tirzepatide mimics hormones that regulate insulin, induce satiety, and reduce appetite. 


 In the FDA’s news release, the FDA made this choice based on the increasing obesity rate in the US, approving it to address medical needs. Eli Lilly sees Zepbound’s approval as a significant milestone in pharmaceutical innovation.

Dr Saniea F. Majid Thoughts on Zepbound

This is what Dr. Saniea F. Majid, our Award-Winning Doctor, Surgeon and Diabetes Specialist, has to say about this update:

I’m very excited about adding another tool to the toolbox to treat the extremely complex disease of obesity. obesity affects us from head to toe inside out and takes years of one’s life. Any weight loss is better than no weight loss, and except bound promises a very good weight loss result. I’m excited about offering this to my patients. With many years of experience dealing with obesity and treating patients both surgically and non-surgically, I have learned that all medications are not the same and that not everybody should be prescribing these medications. these medications come with their side effects, and they need to be monitored and managed with people who know how to treat obesity. Please make sure you reach out to the right expert and do not cut corners on your health.