Why Proper Food Portions Matter After Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss surgeries are performed on people whom other methods of weight loss have failed. Weight loss surgery is a procedure that involves a lot of money and emotions so it needs to be taken with utmost seriousness if at all it is going to be effective. When coupled with the right dietary habits and doctor’s advice, weight loss surgeries are usually very effective. The key dietary habit is watching your food portions as prescribed by your doctor. It helps in so many ways as we are going to find out in the discussion below.

  • It Prevents Dumping Syndrome

Most of the bariatric surgeries involve the removal of some parts of the stomach while others involve the bypassing of the largest part of the small intestines. As a result, your food intake becomes smaller because there is no enough space to hold it.

Dumping syndrome is the condition where you take more food portions than your new small stomach can handle. It is characterized by symptoms of nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. Eating the prescribed food portions helps prevent dumping syndrome amongst other side effects of weight loss surgery. This is because proper food portions help you avoid overloading your stomach with amounts of food that it cannot handle.


  • It Prevents Malnutrition

Some weight-loss surgeries involve the bypass of the larger part of the small intestines intending to reduce the amount of food absorbed into the body. This way, you get to lose weight and prevent weight regain. Since small intestines are tasked with the absorption of food and nutrients, it may in the same process prevent the absorption of essential nutrients to the body, leading to malnutrition. However, with proper food portions, you get to provide your body with all the nutrients it needs for the normal metabolic functions and avoid malnutrition.

  • It Prevents Bowel Obstruction

Bowel obstruction is a condition where the digested food is prevented from passing through the bowel by a buildup of pressure created by too much food. This condition is quite common among weight loss surgery patients. This occurs when a weight loss surgery patient consumes larger than the recommended food portions. Since the size of the bowel has now been reduced, a buildup of pressure occurs, blocking the food from passing through the bowel. It is characterized by symptoms of nausea, vomiting, hernia and bowel movements and pains. Taking the proper food portions as directed by your surgeon or nutritionist can help prevent this painful experience.

  • It Speeds Up Weight Loss

After weight loss surgery, the speed at which you lose weight is critical. Some lose just a small fraction of their weight due to poor feeding habits like taking the wrong diet and taking bigger than the recommended food portions. This is why doctors advice on proper food portions for speedy weight loss and prevention of a possible weight regain. The portions usually start with liquid foods followed by pureed foods, after then you can have solid foods. With a speedy weight loss, you will be hopeful of the process and continue doing the right thing until you attain the desired weight.

  • It Prevents Weight Regain

If you are not careful, you can regain your previous weight within no time after the surgery. Now that you have had the surgery does not mean the appetite is gone; it is still there. What ensures you lose and do not regain weight is the reduction of the size of the stomach. At first, you may not consume much because the stomach is smaller but later on as you get used to the new normal, you add on a lot of weight if you do not watch your food portions. With proper food portions, however, you will be safe from weight regain after the weight loss surgery.

Taking the proper food portions is at the core of a successful weight loss, so all patients should practice it. If you take little portions but feel extremely hungry, you may consider taking many smaller portions while at the same time avoiding a similar intake like you used to, before the surgery. Also, ensure to include the proper diet of the portions so that you do not end up becoming malnourished. If possible, include lots of fiber to trick your stomach into feeling fuller with just a smaller portion. Ensure to chew the food portions completely for proper and enhanced digestion. Following these tips will help you achieve positive weight loss results.