Testimonial – Debora Hurdle

Deborah is post operation 1 year was January 22, 2020. Having bariatric surgery has been excellent choice for her, she has lost 90 lbs so far and counting, she is now more active and can walk the stairs. She has been working hard with her goals and eating healthy, the biggest help has been keeping a food log of everything that she puts in her mouth. She carries her binder with her through her journey, so that her food log is keeping her on track. Her food log is showing her if she eating enough, too much or not enough. She brings her food log binder with her every 3 months for her check in. Another key to her losing the weight is exercise. She has had success in her sleeve gastrectomy. Her goal weight is 180 pounds.

I’m a patient of Dr. Majid. I started my weight loss surgery approximately a year ago. Having the surgery was a big plus for me. It becomes not just thinking about losing weight but as a lifestyle. I’m 55 years old/young and I have a 10 year old granddaughter and a grown daughter. I wanted to live a longer life because my parents are still living too. I wanted to be a better me because I’ve been heavy for a long time. Before the surgery I followed all the steps she prepared for me in her packet. But after the surgery you still have to plan for the future and live a healthy life. Yes there are going to be some stumbling blocks and people are going to get in your way and try to sabotage you, but if you follow your guidelines your stomach will let you know when you’ve had enough. Do not eat the foods that are not healthy for your body. If you do, your body will let you know. Follow each step from the day you have the surgery until when you get to your goal of where you want to be. Now I’m at the point where I’m going to be maintaining my weight.