Testimonial – Ircania Fernandez

Bariatric surgery patient recommends Dr Majid´s services to those considering weight loss surgery

This testimonial is in Spanish. For visitors who don’t speak Spanish, She talks about the whole process she has been through. She was experiencing lots of issues because she was overweight. However, after the surgery, she has been able to recover from pretty much most of them and now she is extremely happy with her quality of life.

In the video, the patient says – My name is Ircania Fernandez when I came here, my weight was around 246 pounds and now I weigh around 179, 5 months after the surgery. You could not imagine how this has changed my life, physically and mentally. Before I came here, I was suffering from Polycystic ovary syndrome with pre diabetes, very bad back pain and a couple of more things. Since I very first came to Dr Majid, she and her team worked very hard to give me the most convenient treatment.


After the surgery and the recovery process I could say I´m 100% satisfied with the perfect support given to me by this amazing team. They really know what they are doing and they will give you a clear and professional advice.

From all I´ve learned through out this process I´d like to give you some advice: even when everything looks bad and everyone is telling you the bad side about your diseases and defects, stay positive and focus on those optimistic comments that will help you overcome whatever issue you are facing.