Testimonial – Janhvi Purohit

By the time I came to Dr. Majid for a consult in February 2016, I was about 210 lbs. Dr. Majid was very realistic… I may still have diabetes but the difference is now, it’s manageable and I can live with it vs. it killing me. When I look back at my journey… I think about the team that surrounds Dr. Majid and the wonderful, attentive care and support I was always provided. They were and are very crucial to the success and health I enjoy. Dr. Majid’s team provides all of us with the tools we need for lifelong success: A support group, a registered dietician and overall, a team who cares about you from the moment you enter those doors.

– Janhvi Purohit,
Patient suffering from uncontrolled type 2 diabetes, who underwent RYGB