Testimonial – Jennifer Zalinski

Hi, my name is Jennifer Zalinski and I am 49 years young and will be turning 50 in November. That upcoming milestone is what made me realize I need to do something to truly be and feel 50 and Fabulous!

I am an elementary teacher and I own a pet sitting business as well. I am currently dating my boyfriend Dennis and I have 2 cats, Bugsy and Murphy.

My weightloss journey began as early as 8th grade as I began to gain some weight and I wanted to be smaller like the girls in my grade. So, as a teenager, it was easy to lose some weight then and be happy, or what I perceived to be happy at thirteen years old.

Time went on and my weight fluctuated throughout high school and throughout college. My short stints in Weight Watchers started during my college years. I was successful at first but then always fell off the wagon at some point.

I had gym memberships all over Union County while dabbling in LA Weightloss, diet pills, Jenny Craig, or any new fad diet I saw on television. Yes, I found some success but nothing that proved to be permanent. I have to say, in terms of blood pressure, cholesterol and sugar levels, my doctors were always surprised that a woman at my weight would have such great blood results. UNTIL…..enter my late 40’s and enter pre-diabetes and elevated cholesterol levels. It was time for me to take action and the time was now so that when I am 50, I can say that I took back my life for the better.

A teacher in my building confided in me that she had seen Dr. Majid and had the gastric sleeve procedure performed on her in late August. I was grateful that she shared this information with me because I immediately booked my consultation in April 2022. From there, Dr. Majid and her staff were there for me every step of the way. My surgery was booked for August 9, 2022 and that is the day that I truly felt I was given another chance at this crazy thing called life. I began my journey with Dr. Majid at 240 pounds and I am currently weighing in at 145 pounds. I went from a size 20W pants and a 2XL shirt size to a size 6 or 8 pants and a medium/small shirt size. I will forever be thankful to Dr. Majid and her staff for providing me with this tool that in a few months will allow me to be not only 50 and Fabulous but FIT as well!