Testimonial – Laurie Valez

Good afternoon, my name is Laurie Valez and I’m here in Livingston, NJ at Dr. Majid’s office. This past wednesday, I had revision of my bariatric gastric bypass. I had my original gastric bypass surgery in 2007. Over the years I suffered from several complications. Not being able to eat, food getting stuck in my chest, being malnutrition in the hospital several times. Over the summer I was given a phone number by my sister that I decided to call I called Dr. Majid on a thursday morning. Her staff was very compassionate. They answered all my questions. I was scared. I was afraid. Was I picking the right surgeon again? I’ve been through this several times.

I didn’t want to continue going through it, but I knew from that very first phone call that I was in good hands. Dr. Majid was very stern, she stayed on top of me, she made sure that I was doing my food logs. She called me, she made sure that I was going to my doctor’s visits. Successfully, it’s a week later, I had my revision surgery. I feel awesome. I’m looking forward to completing my goal, which is with weight lifting. Gaining the muscle that I’ve been trying to gain over the years. I have one message and one message only. Dr. Majid is the place to be.