Testimonial – Ronald

Ronald is a 32 year male patient lost 69 lbs and counting, he has been with us since 8/2019 weight was 274 and is now 205.4 since his surgery sleeve gastrectomy his BMI started at 44 and is now 32, he is 4 months into his post op and has been doing very well with his weight loss, Ronald is happier and has made significant changes in his life. We are extremely happy for his success, Ronald has mentioned since his surgery he has been able to control his portion, do well with food and maintain a healthy life style. Ronald was skeptical when he first joined us because our waiting room that day was primarily females but in his own words “ after meeting Dr Majid and discussing with her about my weight loss problem, I felt very comfortable and immediately trusted in her program/ procedure.

I would like to thank you from the core of my heart for the second chance you and your team has given me into a better healthy lifestyle. This weightloss has shown me to apply self discipline when it comes to eating by measuring my food intake to 4oz just to avoid stretching the stomach. When I first met you I felt my body was at it’s weight capacity due to the different health issues I was undergoing. All of that went away once i lost over 50lbs. Again thank you for introducing me to this wonderful journey and may God continue blessing you and your team throughout this weightloss.
October 1st I was at 271lb, 2 weeks later of liquid diet i went down to 256lb. 4 Months post op i am now 187lb. “

Thank you Ronald, we would like to take the time to show case our male patient Ronald and his success. Obesity is not gender related this can happen to anyone so we are proud that Ronald sought our help.