(VIDEO) Drinking Empty Calories

Hi guys, this is Dr. Majid. I’m a bariatric surgeon as well as obesity medicine board certified specialist. I wanted to talk to you guys about drinking your calories. What that means is, if you take liquids that have empty calories especially high in sugar, you might not realize that it adds up and in the course of the day, you could be working out, you could be eating healthy and avoiding certain fried or unhealthy food and still not losing weight because of the calories that get into your system through the liquids. I want you to, for the last 2 or 3 days, to think about the juices that you drank, or the soda or the sugary drinks. There are so many different versions out there, but these drinks and these liquids add up. The challenge is that they will not fill you up so you will still feel like you need to eat something and those calories end up being empty calories so be careful what you drink with your food.