(VIDEO) Obesity in Cancer

Hello, this is Dr. Saniea Majid, I’m a bariatric surgeon as well as obesity medicine board certified specialist my passion is the management and treatment of obesity. I do believe that obesity is a disease that deserves attention and like any other disease should be managed by specialists to get the best results.

I wanted to take this opportunity to educate and make people aware of the way obesity can affect us in so many aspects of our lives. One is obesity and cancer. A lot of us are not aware that in the same way smoking has been linked to lunch cancer, or alcohol has been linked to liver cancer, obesity is now linked to not just one but a lot of different cancers. Some of the common ones are breast cancer, esophageal cancer, endometrial cancer and pancreatic cancer. Every year hundreds of thousands of people are going to be diagnosed with cancer related to their obesity. I think that we need to take obesity more seriously, it’s not just about the size of your clothes, it’s something bigger and deeper than that.