What Does Gastric Balloon Treatment Involve?

When you have trouble losing weight, gastric balloon treatment might be an option for you. This treatment offers a nonsurgical way to lose excess weight when dieting, exercise and other methods haven’t been as effective.

What Is Gastric Balloon Treatment?

This type of treatment involves the use of a silicon balloon to take up room in your stomach. This helps you feel full, which helps you avoid overeating. With a gastric balloon in your stomach – you can expect to eat less – which helps you lose weight.

Reasons to Consider Gastric Balloon Treatment

Why should you think about having gastric balloon treatment done? If you are overweight and have not been able to lose weight with more traditional methods, you may be a suitable candidate for this type of treatment. Keep in mind that being overweight puts you at an increased risk of having type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and other chronic conditions that can cause serious health issues.

If you already have diabetes, high cholesterol, sleep apnea or other weight-related conditions, having gastric balloon treatment can help you lose excess weight. This can help you better manage your condition to prevent complications.

Benefits of Gastric Balloon Treatment

Having gastric balloon treatment provides some important benefits. This type of treatment is nonsurgical, so you don’t have to worry about the risks that come with surgical procedures, such as bleeding and infections. Additionally, this procedure requires little to no downtime, compared to most weight loss procedures. Gastric balloon treatment also provides you with an effective way to lose weight and improve your health and well-being overall.

What to Expect During Gastric Balloon Treatment

When you decide to have gastric balloon treatment – an endoscope will place the balloon in your stomach. An endoscope is a small and flexible tube that has a tiny camera on the end. The balloon goes into your mouth and down your esophagus in order to reach your stomach. You can expect to be given a mild anesthetic before having this treatment done. In general, this treatment takes about 15 minutes to perform.

After Gastric Balloon Treatment

After six months or so, you will be able to have the balloon removed. The balloon has a higher chance of deteriorating or becoming damaged, which can cause an obstruction. Keep in mind that you will need to eat healthy and get regular physical activity in order to continue maintaining a healthy weight as well as avoiding putting the weight back on.

Risks of Gastric Balloon Treatment

Gastric balloon treatment is considered safe, but there are a few risks associated with it. This treatment can cause bleeding or injuries while the balloon is being put in place. You might experience some nausea and vomiting within the first few days after having this procedure. Other risks that can occur include abdominal pain, back pain, leakage of stomach acid or indigestion. In rare cases, the balloon can become deflated or leak.

There are currently three FDA approved balloons available in the US – each of them having similarities and differences. Your doctor will make sure that you are a good candidate for this treatment and fully explain the risks to you before you have this treatment done. Consult with Dr. Saniea Majid to discuss with option would be the best for you.

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