Who is Considered Qualified for Gastric Balloon?

gastric balloon is a weight loss procedure that is reversible and does not need incision. It is an easy concept where a deflated balloon is placed into the stomach through the mouth. This silicone balloon is then filled with air or some liquid and it helps to reduce the amount of food that one ingests. After this procedure, the patient feels satiated quickly.

However, gastric balloon is not ideal for just everyone. You have to be a good candidate and fulfill several conditions for you to become eligible. This article discusses how you can be considered a qualified candidate for gastric balloon.

  • Body Mass Index

You need to have a BMI of 27 and above to you to be qualified for gastric balloon. This makes it also preferable for lighter people who may not be ideal candidates for other forms of bariatric procedures. Despite this, gastric balloon is very risky for a person with a BMI of 60 and above. In such a situation, you cannot be considered qualified for the procedure.

  • Obese People

You can be suitable for gastric balloon if you are exceedingly overweight and with obesity grade I or II. This is especially when gastric balloon precedes other procedures. However, many people may be deemed too obese to qualify for other delicate, invasive and risky procedures such as gastric bypass. This is where people opt for the gastric balloon procedures because it helps to jump start some weight loss while still being overly safe. After the procedure, you can now qualify for other invasive procedures. Nevertheless, any person with obesity accompanying health conditions is not qualified for gastric balloon.

  • Immediate Weight Loss

You can be a very good candidate if you desire to lose weight promptly for some upcoming event such as a wedding or a photo shoot among others. However, other factors highlighted in this article have to be considered. In addition to this, experts have stated that you can be a perfect candidate for this procedure if you are overweight and very desirous of making a lifestyle change. This includes dieting and working out to ensure that your weight loss regime is going to give you very good results.

  • People Who Do Not Want Invasive Surgery

You can be considered qualified for gastric balloon if you are not willing to undergo any sort of invasive surgery. This is because the procedure is not invasive as it is simply introduced through the gut.

  • Dieting With No Results

You can be a good candidate if you have been dieting without seeing any changes. This can be further compounded with an additional weight increase after dieting thus implying that it is not working for you. All these unexpected changes even after the dieting renders you to be a qualified candidate thus you can resort to gastric balloon to bring these weight problems to a better resolve.

  • People Barred From Gaining Weight

Gastric balloon is suitable for those people barred from gaining weight, especially those with health issues. The main reason behind this is that weight gain can have calamitous effects on you such as heart conditions and other metabolic problems. Doctors therefore recommend that if you have such health issues after gaining weight, then you are a well-qualified candidate for the gastric balloon procedure to help curb such instances and posed risks.

  • Medical Follow Ups and Behavioral Therapy

You have to be ready to attend medical follow ups after the procedure and also involve yourself in some great behavioral therapy for you to qualify for this procedure.

  • No Previous Surgery

You can be considered as a good candidate if you have not had any previous esophageal or stomach surgeries.

From the foregoing, it is very clear that you ought to fulfill all these conditions for you to be deemed as a qualified candidate for gastric balloon. You need to have the required body mass index and must have tried other weight loss methods like working out and exercise to no avail. You must also be ready to do medical follow ups and make the needed changes to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Just to reiterate, it is worth noting that it is much preferable for your doctor to assist you appropriately. He should assess and evaluate you then make some recommendations on whether you are well qualified for this gastric balloon procedure based on your weight, lifestyle and other personal features. Therefore, even if you think that you are a good candidate based on the aforementioned, it is still vital and prudent for you to consult a surgeon before proceeding with the same.