Testimonial – Norkis Bartee

I am so grateful first to God and then to Dr. Majid for the change that I have been given in my life. I was a really sick person with a lot of pain, lots of complications in my body, and a lot of discomfort. I always felt bad, and today I can say I don’t have obesity, and I already feel my life changed. I am a different person, and I feel healthy now.

Before, I couldn’t last 10 minutes in the gym. Now I can last 2 hours in the gym, and I am so so happy, really.

I thank you very much to my dear Doctor Majid and later to God and to all the weight loss team that helped me achieve it. So I request everyone to please contact her because she is the best! I love you, Dr. Majid!! ❤️👍

– Norkis Bartee,
Weight Loss and Wellness Clinic Patient