Ircania Fernandez

Bariatric surgery patient recommends Dr Majid´s services to those considering weight loss surgery This testimonial is in Spanish. For visitors who don’t speak Spanish, She talks about the whole process she has been through. She was experiencing lots of issues because she was overweight. However, after the surgery, she has been able to recover from … Read more


Contemplating a consult and possible treatment with Dr. Majid? Please watch these pre surgery, 1 week post surgery and 3 months post surgery videos to hear first hand the process experience from the very beginning. Every patient is treated with care, respect and positive encouragement as they begin the journey to regain control of their … Read more

Debora Hurdle Update: Deborah is post operation 1 year was January 22, 2020. Having bariatric surgery has been excellent choice for her, she has lost 90 lbs so far and counting, she is now more active and can walk the stairs. She has been working hard with her goals and eating healthy, the biggest help has … Read more

Barbara Yasin

I will like to say thank you with my whole heart. I am at 203 from 255 the day of surgery. When we meet online, I was 278. You made me the happiest thus far my way of living and eating has been so much better. You all don’t understand the time and effort you … Read more

Jill Dombrowski

352 lbs pre surgery – 222 lbs today’s weight. Why surgery? She broke her leg walking off a curb. Her weight made recovery and crutches difficult. High blood pressure and risk of disease prompted her Dr. to discuss bariatric surgery. Dr. Majid was highly recommended by her primary physician. She feels much better after surgery, … Read more